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This page is updated regularly, last time was the 3rd December 2012

Due to the varying exchange rates please enquire for latest prices stating the currency you wish to be quoted in. Cut and paste the specific a/c details that you would like to receive further information on and send in an e-Mail to Mark Jefferies for pricing.  Upgrade options pricing spread sheet.

Detailed pictures and description of the overhaul processes and works

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YAK-3 YAK-11 YAK-12 YAK-18T & YAK-18A Wilga
YAK-50 YAK-52 YAK-52W YAK-52TD C3605
YAK-54 YAK-55 Upgrades for YAK's Engines & propellers 300 aircraft
L-29 AN-2 SP-91/ I-3 SU-26

YAK-3 Top of Page

Sold, details for info only YAK 3, WW2 fighter, The fighter that ran rings around the ME109 & Fw190 this is it!!,-this page has further details


YAK-11 Top of Page SOLD

YAK 11,total rebuild by YAK UK, zero time engine by VINTECH, Cleveland hydraulic brakes, exceptional condition, UK permit to fly. -this page has further details 


YAK-12 Top of Page

SOLD, details for info only YAK 12M Photo Amphibian!! located with George Coy in Vermont, USA. TTSN 2600 hrs, TSMOH 30hrs, New engine M14B, 300 hp, 3 blade propeller, 1957 historic aircraft with full history, Overhauled to very high original standard, original type instruments many new, original type radio compass, 720 ch radio, Overhauled engine, new propeller, finished spring 1998, lifts 4 persons and large amount of baggage, Very STOL performance, full night equipment, 4 hrs range, Amphibian version available

YAK-18T Top of Page 

Sold Just in stock at YAK UK, YAK 18T ser nr 22202044623 made 1981.

Total time since new is 1290 hours. Termikas revision late 2007

Engine ser nr K041006 with total time since new of 106 hours.

Lithuanian registered with EASA  C of A. Pictures below showing the extent of the works. Long range wing fuel tanks, whelen wing tip nav lights, spinner, Rear 4 point seat belts, fully re-upholstered in leather, mode S transponder, VOX and PTT intercom, modern 2 part front screen, new glasses fitted throughout. Dark metallic blue and silver clear over base technology.

More information on this aircraft and pictures.


YAK-18A  Top of Page Sold This a/c possibly being offered as group owned and based at Gransden. A really historic a/c, this example built in 1958.

TTSN 3450 - TSMOH 30
Engine:TSMOH 30
New DACRON and paint
Full OH in 2004
KING COM and XPDR            
More info and pictures here

YAK-50  Top of Page

YAK 50, (brokered) 1984, Termikas revision February 2009, Lithuanian register beautifully painted in a Spitfire scheme. Vary nice inedded.

Info on type here.  

General overhaul information, and pictures of O/H facilities . Pictures and further tech info on the type here

YAK-52 Top of Page   

 Price totaliser and calculator in EURO, GBP and USD in Excel

YAK-52,  1991 aircraft, long range fuel tanks, Oxygen, Garmin SL30, Garmin txp 330, traffic avoidance, life extension carried out, original colour paint scheme with CAA exemption not to carry registration marks,  59/50 & 107 complied with along with all other directives. Just over 460 hours TTSN. More information here

YAK-52 1998 aircraft with 507 hours TTSN long range fuel, fixed wing step. The last "new" aircraft direct from the factory the CAA accepted to the register.


Long range fuel on YAK 52, 6 hrs/ 1200km. Fully certified to JAR 23 in the UK, also approved on Lithuania and Russian registers. Also available on YAK 50, please ask for details.



More info on the YAK-52

General overhaul information, and pictures of overhaul facilities

ALL AIRCRAFT, will be painted to customer specifications using edge to edge technique for really smooth finish.. (unless brokered pre owned) Prices include painting, for metallic colours add an additional 1300. We use the clear over base coat metallic paints for long life without fading, hence extra cost. (Sikkins or ICI materials) Prices quoted are delivered to Lt Gransden, UK or packed in appropriate container for shipping from Lithuania.  

Nice to have upgrade options for YAK's Top of Page                    Price totalizer and calculator in EURO, GBP and USD in Excel

All YAK 52's (Pricing in EURO) can be fitted with 6 hrs fuel at overhaul or retro-fitted, additional cost 6,500. Other modifications include, smoke 1800, spinner (2 blade prop) 1100, fixed wing step 130, full night equipment 2900, wing tip strobes 1400, glider tow hook TBA, rounded wing tips 650, enlarged baggage shelf 250, tinted canopies additional 300 at overhaul, rear cockpit gill control levers 1500, hooker seat belts 1100, map pockets 60  GPS & Transponder fitting FOC with customer supplied equipment, CD rom for maintenance and parts manuals 120, Collapsible tow bar 270, MTV-9, 3 blade prop 13,750 with large spinner.

YAK-52W Top of Page

YAK 52W The classic updated to suit the "Western" market, many change including extra wet wing fuel tanks, night equipment and more, see . YAK 52W specifications priced in EURO 180,000 + (Vat in Europe)

YAK-52TD Top of Page ,

YAK 52TD The classic modified to Tail Dragger configuration, many changes, higher cruise speed, 400 hp, 3 blade prop, inward retracting wheels, long range fuel as standard, "Familiar instrumentation and radios" night equipment and more, standard a/c is only 100,000 see YAK 52TD specifications

YAK-54 Top of Page Brokered a/c available. TTSN of approx 200hrs.

The offered a/c is equipped with a new propeller MTV-9-B-C/CL-250-29 and with an EASA permit to fly valid in all EU member states. Its ex YDB demonstrator and is to be sold with full overhaul and painting to customer specification.

More info here.

Sold, details for info only, SP-91 also known as I-3 Top of Page Brokered a/c available. TTSN approx 300 airframe and engine.

THE best example of this type flying in the world today. It comes with two canopies (dual and single seat) ground support equipment including travel air bottle, steps etc etc.

Avionics, Dynon D10s EFIS, Twin MicronAir nav com, Micronair TXP, Digifloe fuel flow meter, Garmin 295 hooked into fuel managment, Two fitted camera 1 cockpit, 1 fin, Automatic camera control.

More info here.


The Super Sukhoi Su-26 -  Gold Medal Winner 2007 World Aerobatic Championships - The best performing Sukhoi in the World.

More info here.

YAK-55 Top of Page

YAK 55, 1992, TTAE 260hrs. New fuel/oil hoses -08, new overhaul prop -07 mtv9-250. New hooker. Smoke system. Cleveland wheels and brakes, b&c alternator etc etc. More information on the type.

L-29 Top of Page  Specification sheet of offered a/c. Withdrawn from sale. Details for info on type only.

L-29, Photo of last a/c sold by Termikas 1970, overhauled engine to be fitted prior to sale. King radio, Transponder & GPS Garmin 250 with radio inbuilt/ audio panel. This a/c is on the UK register and is offered with a new permit to fly and spare engine. Price for a quick sale 45,000 private sale, VAT paid More details of the type

Wilga 35A Top of Page

SOLD Wilga operated for the shortest of time in the Ukraine, this a/c has a total time since new of only 22 hours. Its offered with a full revision to include painting to the buyers scheme, all life items, engine strip and rebuild using all new gaskets and rubber parts in addition to being painted in a dissembled condition. Alternatively it can be sold in an "as is condition" for the buyer to assemble and certify.  This page has further details

C3605 Top of Page

The design of this Swiss aircraft goes back to 1939 powered  with a 1,100 hp Lycoming T53-L turbo-prop.  Economic cruise is 184 kts with a Rate of climb of 2,500 fpm.

More information.

Engines and propellers Top of Page

ENGINES, we can fit NEW ENGINES to all aircraft at additional cost. ALSO the M14P upgraded to 400 hp (only 3500 extra) can be supplied, fitted or separately. The 400hp version gives approx 1000mm manifold pressure at take off. It gives sea level manifold pressure (of the 360 hp engine) at 5,000 feet (860mm). Typical take off manifold pressure is 1000 +/- 30mm at 100% RPM.

We also offer the M14P-430 hp fuel injected engine.

PROPELLERS, 2 blade Russian V530 TA D35 type, a range of propellers available from new to overhauled, all are painted with 2 pack paints, balanced and fitted with prop guard tape (3M) ALSO Hoffman and MTV-9, 3 blade propellers new, fitted at additional cost. Pls note the new MTV -29 propeller does not require an adapter plate.

SPINNERS, To suit the 2 blade V530 TA D35 standard propeller. 800 painted (Fitting included with a/c purchase.)

Note VAT (value added tax/ purchase tax) not applicable to exports outside of the EU. VAT rates vary from country to country presently the UK is at 20%, France 20.6%, Germany 19%,

With all overhauled aircraft we offer 5 hrs check out and aerobatics instruction included. 6 months guarantee on parts with exception to avionics, mandatory bulletins done. (some can't be done outside of the overhaul factory e.g. 59 & 60, these alone cost 25,000 using FSU labour rates) A/C supplied with British Permit to Fly and registration or EASA permit to fly if applicable.

Abbreviations, TT=Total Time, TTSN= Total Time Since New, TTSOH=Total Time Since OverHaul, SMOH=Since Major OverHaul, IRAN=Inspection Repair As Necessary, O/H=OverHaul, A/D's=Airworthiness Directives AWN=AirWorthiness Notices

Nothing mentioned or offered on this web site forms part of a contract, conditions of business & general terms

Buy a YAK from us & loop and swoop a trouble free time !!!.

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