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 We have one aircraft available offered with EASA permit to fly.

EASA certification is valid in all EU countries. Maintenance by any EASA 145 company.

Engine is zero time 400hp fitted with MTV 9 propeller.

Airframe TTSN is 59 hours, zero SMOH. The overhaul was carried out to embody all YDB Bulletins to extend life. The major directive is to replace the main spar centre, an extremely intensive task.

Propeller MTV-9 3 blade

Mode S transponder.

Hooker harness seat belts.

New canopy glasses.

This aircraft is completed to an extremely high standard far better than the manufactures could ever hope for.

Priced very keenly with a view to selling quickly, please enquire.



VA 360 KPH
Maximum speed @82% engine power 300 KPH
70% Cruise speed 240 KPH
Stall 110 KPH
Wing span 8.16 Meters
Length 6.91 Meters
Aerobatic load factors +9g-7g
Max. T/O weight two pilots 990 KGs
T/O run 170 Meters
Landing minimum 400 meters
Range with 7% fuel remaining 700 KM
Engine M14X or M14P (360 HP) or M14PF (400HP)
Propeller MTV9-260, 3 blade constant speed
Empty weight is 754 KG's add a pilot and fuel for a contest flight and you have very good power to weight ratio!

Contact YAK UK Ltd by e-mail for further information