C3603 & C3605

 G-DORN (C3605) This aircraft is dissasembled and in storage at Gransden Airfield. A very good complete aircraft project. The design of this Swiss aircraft goes back to 1939 when the prototype two seater EKW C-3601 first flew. Fitted with twin fins, the aircraft was powered by a 1000 hp Hispano-Suiza HS-51 12Y piston engine, and […]

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YAK 9UM – sold

YAK 9UM for sale Airframe s/n 0470408, TTSN 76:36 cycles 154 Engine Allison V 1710-111, s/n A-073106, TTSO 55:55 Propeller Hamilton Standard 23E50-495 s/n RRD 3537, pale 6353A-30, Inspection may 2013. Permit to fly: The aircraft is very well maintained by NAAP in Parma, by former officers of Italian air force. The Yak-9 is widely […]

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YAK 1 for sale This extremely rare aeroplane, Yak-1 No. 1342,  is offered FOR SALE  with a restoration contract at a fixed price. Over the years various components have been restored by specialist subcontractors and the aircraft is now substantially completed with the engine rebuilt and running. The incredibly complex wooden wing is completed, and so […]

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Wilga 35

Warszawa-Okecie PZL-104 Wilga GENERAL DESCRIPTION A four seat multipurpose aircraft of STOL class which may be widely used as: An executive A/c Air club general use, parachuting, glider and banner towing and training A/c Air ambulance Patrol A/c Agricultural A/c It may be equipped with: FLIR Pollution detectors Retransmission equipment and small arms. “Wilga” may […]

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AN 2

AN-2 TECHNICAL DATA: Wing span upper, lower 18.18m, 14.24m Length Overall (tail up), (tail down) 12.71m, 12.40m Height overall (tail up), (tail down) 6.10m, 4.00m Wheel track 3.45m Propeller diameter 3.60m Propeller ground clearance 0.69m Wing area 71.6m Cargo door (port) mean height, mean width 1.55m, 1.39m Dimensions internal: Cargo compartment length, Max height, Max […]

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The below is available for historic reasons, we no longer manufacture the kits or convert the aircraft. YAK 52TD Pilot magazine report (Tail Dragger) pictures, the upgraded and modified YAK 52 offering a cheaper option to that of the “Aerostar YAK-52TW”  from Romania, the YAK 52TW (aimed at the American market) YAK 52TW pictures of the Aerostar version from […]

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YAK 55

YAK 55 & YAK 55M YAK 55 to SU29 comparison The YAK 55 (long wing) or YAK 55M is a mid-wing aircraft built for unlimited competition aerobatics. It has about 80% of the performance of the SU26 but at 1/3rd of the cost!. It is also powered by the M14P or M14PF (400hp) The “long […]

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YAK 54

VNE 450 KPH VA 360 KPH Maximum speed @82% engine power 300 KPH 70% Cruise speed 240 KPH Stall 110 KPH Wing span 8.16 Meters Length 6.91 Meters Aerobatic load factors +9g-7g Max. T/O weight two pilots 990 KGs T/O run 170 Meters Landing minimum 400 meters Range with 7% fuel remaining 700 KM Engine […]

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Typical Overhauled YAK 52 Specifications Date of airframe manufacture: 1980-89 some examples made to 1996 Date of engine manufacture: 1980-89 Total time on engine at overhaul: 500-700 Hours Total time of airframe at last overhaul: varies from 1000 – 2000 Hours Registration: British or Lithuanian, Civil. With military history provided (Important for UK CAA approval) […]

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YAK 50

YAK 50 Instrument panel image YAK 50, designed in the 1970’s as a derivative of the YAK 18 series of a/c specifically for World Aerobatic contests. Flying in the hands of Victor Smolin his notable achievement was becoming World Champion in 1982.In effect you could say this is the single seat version of the 52, […]

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