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Parts manuals, engine overhaul manuals, technical description manuals, maintenance manuals are held by Yak UK  along with a special tool kit for major servicing, e.g. cylinder removal. We offer full spare parts back up, having the aircraft and parts dealership for Western Europe with the manufacturers. Our stock covers all items to keep our fleet of 92 a/c serviceable this includes an number of new and Termikas overhauled engines and propellers , undercarriage and all consumables to name a few. Also stocked is all the parts to repair a gear up landing!! Delivery time of spares ordered direct from the manufacturers varies between 10 and 14 days when it is necessary to order parts.


Based at Little Gransden is our specialist engine overhaul company concentrating of keep vintage aircraft airworthy.

We have CAA JAR145 permitting works on any engine up to 750HP, engines over this HP are done on CAA authorization. Gypsy major, EMNA Tigre, Siemens, Renault, Gypsy Queen, RR Kestrel, M11, M14P & PF, ASH 21, Argus, R985, W670 are examples of the type of engine we ZERO time.

IAN AUSTIN, the QFI at Gransden airfield is also a licensed engineer serving 5 years hands on in our workshops before gaining his ATPL, his web site has a lot of useful training information. 01223 512788 phone and fax.


Skytrace have developed a full type check out for Western Pilots to graduate fully onto the Yak 52 with the maximum attention paid to safety,

The complete Safety Course covers all aspects of Yak 52 handling and management From correct Pre Flight Inspections and Ground Runs to Circuits and through to Basic and Standard Aerobatics. Included are various types of spins; Sports Style, Upright and Inverted as well as fully developed flat spins and even flat spins. Controllability of the Aircraft at the stall and at less than the stall speed through to Dynamic stalls at double the normal stall speed. Everything to do with flying the 52 is included in the full Safety Program and includes the following details:-

Ground school on various subjects. Pre Flight Checks, Ground Runs of the engine and systems, Circuits, Aerobatics and recovery from Unusual Attitudes.

Circuits including: Standard patterns, Flapless landings, Imitated failures of systems during flight, steep landing approaches (side slip with and with out flap to landing), Imitated! forced landings onto the runway, Recovery from unusual attitudes at the round out prior to touchdown.

General handling and various power settings and speeds including minimum speed flight. Basic Aerobatics which includes 45 degree climbs and dives, steep turns and standard spins. Recovery from Unusual Attitudes with minimum height loss. Side slips with and without flap. Stalls in the side slip. Practice engine failures and forced landing techniques. Standard Aerobatics including Loop, Immelman, Split S, Half Cuban, Reverse Half Cuban, Aileron Roll. Awareness of the Dynamic Stall. Avoidance of the Dynamic Stall. Recovery from the Dynamic Stall in horizontal turns, 45 line up, vertical line up, inverted 45 line up, inverted flight, inverted 45 line down and finally vertical line down. Inverted flight. Inverted Spin recovery. Flat spins, recovery.

Plus much more that is involved with operating the 52 safely.

The Skytrace course is endorsed by YAK UK Ltd as being the finest YAK 52 training available in the UK & at Smolensk, Russia. UK tel no int +44 (0)1384 221031 phone / fax Skytrace YAK 52, basic training and Aerobatic school

Represented by MARK JEFFERIES in partnership with Termikas, Lithuania & GESOCO, Industries USA , suppliers to PILOTS and flying clubs world wide
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